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What information do I need to supply for you to start work on my design?

In an ideal world a full CAD drawing would be great. But we realise that this always isn't the case, particularly for some custom 3D Models which don't exist. We are able to create models from little more than a photograph and a few dimensions but obviously the more information you can provide, the quicker and more accurate we can visualise your design.

What is the design process like at Vis North?

Understandably different projects will have different processes. We strive to work to any deadlines you may have, supplying you with different 'mile stones' of the project along the way. Typically you would supply us with all the information that we would need, we would then go away and create your project in 3D, supplying you a with a 3D visual at the 'white model' stage, (before any finishes are applied), this would allow you to sign of on the camera view. We then would add all the further finishes and detail and send you a first draft, which you no doubt will have things you want to change, we would work with you to amend these and send second and subsequent drafts to you, working around the loop until you are happy with the designs. At this point the final image will be produced for you.

How long does it take for Vis North to create my design?

Obviously this would depend on the type of project and design. It can range anywhere from a couple of days for a standard visual up to weeks and even months for some more complex simulation projects. The best way to find out would be to ask us about your requirements.

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